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Gallant Dill

Millennial Mentor

The 7 figures business mindset

Jordan Harbinger


Leveraging your social capital and why you should not start podcasting in 2017

Brian D Evans

Social Media Growth Hacker

How to get 100.000 Facebook followers in 30 days

Nicholas Kusmich

Facebook Ads

2017 Facebook ads strategies to crush your online marketing

Erika De La Cruz

Bestselling author

Leveraging your network to become a best-selling author

Mark Lack

Facebook ads viral traffic

The 1$/day Facebook ads strategy to be everywhere on social media

Sarah Cordiner

Course Creation

Principles of creating effective training courses

Andrew O Brien

The Publicity Guy

Getting featured on Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, and more..

Katya Varbanova

Periscope & Live Streaming

Broadcast & Live Stream your influence across the globe

Amateo Ra

Top Business Coach

Impact Millions with Your Unique Mission and Message

Austin G Netzley

Book strategist

Turn your idea into a book & your book into a 6 figures business

Bri Seeley & Thais Sky


How to connect with other attendees at networking events

Tim Han


Reach millions of people on Youtube without spending a penny on ads

Ruby Fremon

Soul strategist

Amplify your success and love for yourself

Shannon Graham

Visionary Leadership

Build a vision & movement worth sharing

Khierstyn Ross


Take your product online with crowdfunding

Kevin & Devona Stimpson

Online Branding

7 steps to build an unique personal brand

Jay Wong


Hack Itunes' podcast algorithm to become #1 in your niche

Akira Chan

Film Production

How artists and creatives can monetize their passion

Marc Angelo Coppola


Create your heroic superhero story in 8 steps

Samantha Skelly

Sales Conversations

Create your fire effect and master phone selling conversations

Nathan Chan


Grow and monetize your Instagram in 2017

Donna Agnes Arrogante

Personal Branding

Keys to create a memorable & unique brand

Jake Larsen

YouTube Ads

Turning 1$ to $4.21 | Youtube Exposure Hack to get FREE ads in 2017

Larry & Perry Yu

E-commerce & Drop shipping

Build a 6 figures drop shipping business with Shopify

Jared Kleinert

Millennial super-connector

How to build a world-class network in a record time

Zion Kim


Becoming a leaders who creates other leaders

Connor Blakley

Youth Marketing Expert

How to market to Millennials & Gen Z in 2017

Alex Fairman

Recruiting manpower

How to recruit free manpower and exponentially grow your business

Scott Oldford

Lead Generation

Funnels 2.0: Master the Art of Lead Generations in 2017

Navid Moazzez

Virtual Summit

Create and crush your virtual summit in 2017

Virginia Salas Kastilio

BBC Snapchat Queen

Turning 6$ into 11 million snapchat impressions

Jennifer Hudye


5 steps to write copy that converts.

Brandon Dempsey

Systems & Cashflow

4 success principles to accelerate your growth

Zach Obront

Book Strategist

Mapping your ideas into a book

Jules Schroeder

Event Planning

How to create a 6 figures live event with no budget

Eric Termuende

International Speaker

How to get your first 10 speaking engagements booked

Grant Wise

Modern Marketing

A Million Dollar Lesson: F.O.C.U.S

Dmitriy Kozlov

Maverick Next

Hiring your first team members on a limited budget

Cole Hatter

Community Building

How to build a Thrive Tribe who raised $25.000 in 25min for Pencil of Promise

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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Event

Hack your learning curve with 100+ years of business building strategies from experts who created the success you want to have.

Most people spend years trying to “figure out” by themselves and live up to a fraction of their full potential. Instead of figuring everything by yourself, you will have access to virtual uber successful mentors who will be sharing what really work.

Success leaves clues. Stop wasting time experimenting when you directly learn from people who have already created the path for you.​

The speakers will destroy your current standards and set outstanding ones for you

You might be thinking " I am too young” or “I am not experienced enough to have my own business”, and even “who I am to become an authority in my industry?"

Our speakers have been in those exact shoes when they first started building their businesses. And they will teach you how to build thriving business while staying true to your values and delivering purposeful content to your customers and audience.

Actionable and practical information from top entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

No BS on the Millennial Success Summit. You get to see the experts in a real, raw, and authentic face about a topic they mastered over the years. You will always get instant takeaways and usable insight you can use immediately on your business.

Receive advice from mentors and friends who are only a few steps ahead.

There’s a lot of great entrepreneurs who share business insights to millennials but most of them are outdated advice that aren’t relevant to our generation anymore. Or the perspective they share comes from tallest building in New York and might not be necessarily applicable if you are only on the 7th floor of your entrepreneurial climb.

Our hand-selected speakers have not only walked the talk but they are also only a few years ahead of you. If they have done it, so can you!​

Your ticket (costs 997$) is Free!!

Although most good conferences cost thousands of dollars, I am gifting you a free tickets because I know how much the millennial generation can use this material to change the world. My personal live event costs over 2000$ and I am gifting you this one in a life-time opportunity.

But you must claim your spot now because each presentation will stream fee for just 24 HOURS! - then it’s locked in the Millennial Success Summit vault forever.​


You Don’t Need To Leave Your House - Attend This Event Anywhere In The World From Your Computer

Save thousands of dollars flying to the event, booking your hotel room, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family. You can watch the whole event in your PJ’s if you want!

Watch The Event At Your Convenience

You might miss your favorite speaker. We get it. Life happens. We also understand if you have class or work.

This is why we decided that each presentation will be available online so you can watch them at your own convenience. After each interview goes live, you will have 24 HOURS to watch them as much as you would like!

And if you get the All-Access Pass, you’ll have an instant access to all the interviews and bonus materials forever.

Get The Deepest, Most Unique, And Diverse Group of Experts Under One Roof

You won’t see an assembly of speakers of this caliber anywhere in the world. I personally hand-selected world-class experts from all different industries across the world who personally inspire ME.

Most speakers do not reveal their secrets outside of their own events and community, but they have agreed to make an exception. Some speakers charge over $75.000 to give to their VIP clients the content you are about to receive for FREE!

Ultimate Business Toolbox for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are just began your business, have generated a couple thousands dollars, or just had a 6 figures launch, you will find valuable advice and insights for your business.It is not a size-for-all type of events.

Instead you will get help with every stage of the process from experts in various and diverse industries!

You will learn how to become a best-selling books, get over 500k followers on Instagram, lead a 6-figures networking event, generate 5 figures monthly passive income, become an authority in your niche, get published on Forbes, Huffington Post,, USA today, etc….and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

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your host

21 year old ~ Host of the Millennial Success Summit
& Millennial super-connector

Eric Yang is creating the biggest online summit for millennials to empower and inspire entrepreneurs just like you to build the business and life of your dreams.

He came to the United States in 2014 where he virtually knew nobody and built a
6-figures networking event before turning 21 year old. To get there, Eric left
everything behind in France, and invested all his college tuition money into
masterminds, high-end networking events and seminars at 19 years old.

“It’s been my dream to share this journey with meaningful friends who
hold a vision of a prosperous future. I want to surround myself with
people that value hard work and humility. If we do not become the
next generation of Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, and Gary Vayner
chuck, who will?

“The Millennial Success Summit is the #1 tool I wished I
had when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. It will
empower you to launch, grow, and monetize your
talents and passion across countless platforms.
Those 30 world-class entrepreneurs will show you
exactly how to do it.”

Grab your Free ticket for The Millennial Success Summit

  • Summit (997$ Value)